Action: Decryption

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In this game, you will become secret agents working in the services of Her Majesty of Love. You've just received an order for the next intelligence mission. You will meet at a specific place and time. You already know a lot about your partner, but will you recognize them among 16 other agents?

What is going to happen?

Your task will be to identify an agent with whom you will be working with, based on the presented characteristics. Your decryption skills will be required. After completing the first task, you will prepare for further life missions while drinking aromatic tea or eating a delicious dinner.

The aim of the game

The game is recommended at the beginning of the adventure with Pairbuilding. In a funny and comfortable way invites you to discover your traits and preferences and enables a discussion about your characters. It leaves you with a lot of tips, how to use your similarities and differences in everyday life.

The game is available in a version with dinner (it will take place in one of the Warsaw restaurants) or in a box version (Date Box) with delivery to a selected Paczkomat (you will choose where to play it).

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