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In this game you will become secret agents working in the services of Her Majesty of Love.

You've just received an order for the next intelligence mission. You will meet at a specific place and time. You already know a lot about your partner, but will you recognize them among 16 other agents?

During the game, you will look a little closer at each other. You will have the opportunity to think about what features your partner has and what the combination of your temperaments means for your relationship. You will remind yourselves what makes you such a great team. You will also get some advice on how to deal with situations when your personalities collide. The game will be preceded by a Personal Preferences Questionnaire, which you will fill in separately. The results will be revealed during the game.

The game is available in a version with dinner (it will take place in one of the Warsaw restaurants) or in a box version (Date Box) with free delivery to a selected Paczkomat (you will choose where to play it).


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