A game for couples that will change your evening into romantic adventure!

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Game Description

In Action Decryption you will become Secret Agents in service of Her Majesty The Queen. Your task will be to decipher special characteristics of your second half and recognize what kind of an agent is each of you! During the mission you will learn where are your strong points and how to deal with differences to make them work in your favor.


in Warsaw

We will organize a date for you in one of the Warsaw restaurants! During the romantic dinner you will play the game which will be given by the restaurant's service.


in a box

The game packed in a box will be delivered to a selected by you "paczkomat". Thanks to easy precise instrucions you will easily be able to organize your own date in any place and time.

Date Box
159 PLN
Dinner for Two
229 PLN
VIP Dinner
399 PLN
Mini games and plays especially for you
Whole Poland
Shipment of your game to a parcel locker.
A bottle of wine and special, extended menu
Vip room with romantic decoration
Jeśli zdecydujecie się na randkę stacjonarną, zorganizujemy ją dopiero po ustabilizowaniu sytuacji z epidemią koronawirusa w Polsce. Tymczasem zachęcamy do włączenia się w akcję #zostańwdomu i skorzystania z naszej oferty DateBox :)